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9 thoughts on “ OK For You

  1. Use this phrase when you want to be polite, but you're also confident that the person you're asking will probably give you permission. You also use the phrase " Would it be OK if I (do something)? Would it be OK if I use your computer for a minute, just to check my e-mail?
  2. You will be rated by the color or the smiley that turn up on the customers: Green or happy smiley meaning everything is ok, yellow smileys mean that mostly everything is ok however there are some oversights that need to be fixed and that is generally cleaning the beaches or upgrading your business and houses to a new level so they satisfy the standards of your customers; The angry ones or the.
  3. Keeping it simple,when we say something is ok with us, it means that it is agreeable to us. However, when we say something is ok for us, it means that it is convenient for us. For example: A: How about having Korean food for dinner tonight? B: Sure. That’s ok with me. I like Korean food. A: I’d like to get together with you at this afternoon.
  4. Nov 19,  · How much: If you have a soda habit, it’s probably OK to sip one zero-calorie drink a day instead of a sugary version, but given the research it’s best to wean yourself off. Make sure to also drink healthy beverages like water and tea. Resist the temptation to see diet soda as a “magic eraser” allowing you to indulge in foods like chips.
  5. Jan 18,  · If you’re really concerned you masturbate too much, carve out a few days, or a 24 to 48 hour period when you have privacy. Then masturbate not as much as you want to, but as much as you can. Use lubricants if your best six inches gets sore, but play with that manhood as much as you can, pump it, stroke it, pound it, hump the pillows and sofa.
  6. Try to place it on a work desk or table to keep a safe distance between yourself and the device as much as possible. A laptop radiation shield is another great solution to let you use your laptop comfortably and reduce your exposure to radiation, while minimizing the heat it produces – Shop Laptop Radiation Shield by Vest: Sharing is caring!
  7. If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, that doesn’t usually mean that you have to give up eating meat. But it does mean that you need to be a little more careful about the meat that you choose to include in your diet. Some meats are higher in saturated fat, cholesterol,.
  8. Spend time in the pool helping him stay safe and comfortable, but be careful about sharp nails that can easily claw at you. Not all dogs are comfortable jumping in a pool or climbing steps to exit. Be sure to assist your dog, especially if your pool only has steps and ladders.
  9. is it ok with you的同義字>>Is it okay with you? This is asking permission. "John wants to go to the movies with us. Is it okay with you (if he comes)?" >> Is it okay for you? People would say "Is everything okay for you?" instead. Usually, waiters/waitresses ask you this in a restaurant to make sure your food is good. >> Is it okay to you? Just sounds odd. No one would say this.

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